Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Janitorial services are those services provided by the contractors who usually work in the buildings, offices, malls and other locations that are not occupied by the tenants. A janitor is a person employed to clean the building, room, or any other area by the concerned contractor. Janitors are required to clean up the area and maintain the neatness and orderliness of the place.

Janitorial services are mostly required by the real estate firms and other commercial and institutional establishments for their cleanliness. The demands for these services are always high during the festive seasons as the building complex needs to be cleaned up at least twice a day.

The maintenance of these places are mostly performed by the main cleaning company that is usually hired by the tenant. The maintenance companies have a huge manpower which includes the cleaners, maids, maintenance staff and the technicians who take care of all the working equipment that are used for cleaning. They also ensure the availability of electricity to run the room or building and they regularly employ the necessary cleaning tools and cleaning products for making the place clean.

Janitorial services provide complete and comprehensive service for the cleaning of the interiors of the building or the complex. These employees are usually selected to have a good personality and a hard-working nature. A good reputation and a quality service must be part of the job description before hiring a janitor. Their day starts off with a morning routine where they wake up around the clock and attend to the cleaning needs of the building.

There are several shifts that are available on daily basis that are scheduled and ready in advance. This helps the janitorial staff to be free from the tension of having to do work in the later hours. Usually, they are hired on a part-time basis and they work according to the hourly rate they are paid.

They perform tasks like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing and cleaning up the floors, countertops, toilets, sinks, walls and other areas of the building that are used for purposes like dining and gathering purposes. The cleaning of the interiors of the building is mainly performed during the peak season or holidays. The various flooring of the building are mopped and the carpets and the furniture are cleaning up to remove all the dirt and make the place spotless.

One of the major aspects of this profession is keeping the workplace clean. An employee must be punctual and the management must give priority for the janitorial staff's services. All employees must be supervised properly so that they do not cause any mess and disturbance. An employee's absence from work without prior notice should be avoided as it could result in an injury to the people in the vicinity.

The employees who are performing janitorial services must understand the technicalities of the jobs and the procedures involved. They should know how to manage the tools and equipment as well as follow the specified time schedule for performing the task. The janitorial staff is trained to perform tasks under strict supervision of the maintenance staff.

The maintenance staff ensures that the technical details of the job are followed properly. They see to it that the janitorial staff follows the correct process of cleaning the place with the use of the appropriate cleaning materials, cleaners, cleaning materials and the time schedule.

There are certain organizations that specialize in providing janitorial services and provide them at a low cost. They also hire only the best cleaners and maids to ensure that the efficiency of the services remains intact. Janitorial services can be done in a room by room basis so as to minimize the risk of miscalculation or wrong execution of the job.

Janitorial services are normally outsourced to these outsourcing companies. There are a few janitorial services companies that directly manage their own cleaning staffs and the janitorial service provider employs them. The hire of cleaning professionals and technicians is expensive as the janitorial services involves several tasks like sweeping, mopping, dusting the ceilings etc.

Finding the most effective janitorial services requires attention and diligence. Most of the employers hire individuals with experience in the field and managers for their services so as to avoid any disputes or mistakes. any untoward hiring of employees.

Janitorial Services